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Growing energy demands are no longer the sole, driving factor impacting the global oil and gas market. The era of Industry 4.0, augmented and virtual reality, robotics and more have revolutionized the digital oilfield and in turn, the digital strategies of oil, gas and energy companies.
As a result, industrial oil & gas general contractors must be skilled in robust remote interconnectivity, intelligent data management for environmental and operational safety, and more to help meet those digital strategy requirements.
Join experts from Dodge Data & Analytics and Siemens Smart Infrastructure and learn what steps today’s oil and gas general contractors can take to meet the digital connectivity needs of their larger oil & gas companies—from power equipment centers to refineries, LNG terminals, offshore platforms, and more.
Learn how staying ahead of oil & gas companies’ digital connectivity needs can:
  • Help you ensure oil & gas projects are cost effective
  • Bring innovation to the development of oil & gas projects
  • Create projects with high capital efficiency
  • Help your client maintain business margins and secure future business growth
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